6 common things to avoid storing at a self storage

A large self storage company is thinking of spending $ 17 million to acquire two properties in Perth to expand their facilities. With the increase of immigration to Australia and relocation of jobs, the self storage market is on the rise. With storage facilities Perth wide known for having a flexible policy, you should be able to store just about anything your heart desires. With many local options available, like secure self storage in Perth Metro Storage, the following list is just a gentle precaution of what you might consider avoiding to place in a self storage.


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Valuable jewelry


Although people, especially the elderly, feel storing jewels in a self-storage sounds like a good idea, it never is. Even if you may be able to secure a good cheap self storage in Perth or your local community, jewels should be stored safely in home lockers or the bank. Self storage companies cannot be held reliable if you lose them, or worse, to return your jewels to your family in case of your sudden demise.


Combustible material


Things like fireworks, gas tanks or your old school lighter collection should not be placed in self storage facilities Perth firms provide. Not only is it irresponsible, you might damage another owner’s property in case of an accident. It might intrigue you to know that aerosol cans and paint thinners are also considered combustible materials. In case there is a fire, although insurance may cover certain things, you will be held responsible for the damage.


Living things


It may sound silly, however, common sense is a dying art form in these current times! There have been storage horror stories, where people have been caught storing plants and unfortunately even pets. Although plants are capable of surviving in the dark, you should keep in mind they attract their own variation of pests, causing unnecessary infestation.



Although this should have been a fairly easy one to guess, there have been storage companies who have reported oversized containers of food, generally used at fairs and picnics found with rotting food in storage rentals. If you are thinking of storing your canned or jarred goods in storage, you might want to think about pests like rats or mice that might come looking for food at your local cheap self storage Perth firms provide.




In the paranoid Orwellian world everyone seems to be living in, arming yourself or storing registered firearms in your home is a personal choice. However, handguns and rifles may be prohibited in self storage facilities Perth firms offer.


Fragrances & hazardous materials


Most fragrances contain alcohol or are found in aerosol containers. Packaged in delicate bottles, perfumes have an obvious chance of breaking and causing unbearable odor. Usually, perfumes are listed as prohibited products at most storage facilities when you sign up for a rental space.


Hazardous materials consist of items such as fertilizer, pesticides and make up items like nail polish or nail polish removers. Household cleaning chemicals should not be stored because of fumes or fire hazards either.


With many storage facilities to choose from, you can store just about anything; from your furniture to old equipment like cycles or your children’s items once they have gone on to university. You can walk into any of your self-storage companies found in your area, or visit sites like http://perthmetrostorage.com.au/ to find one that works for you.

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