Bathroom Renovation Basics: Conventional Waterproofing Mistakes to Avoid

The ingress of water in a wet room can both be normal and dangerous. Normal because a bathroom will inevitably get wet due to the nature of the activities set to be done in the room itself. However, too much wetness in all the wrong places can result to accidents of careless users – slipping on the tile floors and getting concussions, etc. Aside from accidents, without a good waterproofing system in place in the bathroom, your tile grout will get dirty much faster, your drainage system will fail, and other fixtures may fail to function properly. If you’re executing a bathroom renovation project in your home in Australia, prioritizing to hire reliable Lowood waterproofing system experts is key to creating the best waterproofing system for your bathroom. This spells out success for your bathroom renovation project. However, you should also be familiar with how a waterproofing system works and how to maintain it after the experts leave your house.


waterproofing system


This article tackles the basic waterproofing guidelines that will help the maintenance of your bathroom:



The various waterproofing system concepts

There are two main concerns when it comes to building a waterproofing system – the architectural design for the bathroom and the different construction materials and plumbing fixtures necessary. If you’ve hired experts to build a waterproofing system in Lowood, you’re better off getting advice from them about the construction material technology. These experts make sure to take into consideration every little detail about your bathroom renovation project and build an ideal waterproofing system concept around the problems that occur.



Water seepage problems are solved with the help of the following modern waterproofing techniques:

– Waterproofing with polyurethane formula

– Lime terracing

– Waterproofing with metallic sheet wrap

– Bituminous waterproofing

– Waterproofing with epoxy treatments

– Box-type waterproofing



Avoiding bathroom renovation mistakes

The most important element of an entire bathroom renovation is the waterproofing system set to make sure the bathroom is safe from leakage. There is no reason to spend a lot of time, effort, nor money to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Listed below are some of the common bathroom renovating mistakes that may occur in the course of your project along with the necessary precautionary measures needed to avoid them:



Spending too much money on unnecessary plumbing fixtures and other materials – crossing the line between executing a minor bathroom makeover to a full-on bathroom building job is very easy. This normally will make you regret having to dish out more cash than planned. To avoid this, make sure you and your trusted partner come up with the renovation plan ahead down to the very last detail.



Doing the waterproofing yourself – Of course, a DIY project is okay, but only if it is limited to decorative purposes in the bathroom. Building a waterproofing system can easily be a failure when the right construction equipment and tools are not utilized. A small mistake can cost you a lot of time, funds, and wasted effort too so make sure you hire a reliable partner for your bathroom renovation project.



Forgetting about ventilation – Mould is the number one problem in a wet room like the bathroom. The buildup of mould can be avoided only with the right amount of ventilation to avoid the steam from condensing on the tile grout and ceiling. And extracting mould from the bathroom can be quite the tricky task if you’re not careful. Make sure you build a waterproof system with your reliable builders around a good ventilation system also. Click here for more information

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