Business Logo Design 101: Common Mistakes on Logo Design to Watch Out For

To err is human, but to design a bad logo is bad for your business. Communicating your brand’s vision and message to your target audience clearly can be done in a mere number of seconds by your company or website logo design. If you’re in Australia working as an artist for a business logo design Melbourne firm, you know for a fact that the easiest way to identify a company or a brand and make a distinction from other competitors of the same niche is through a unique logo design. However, no matter how hard you strive for creating a unique design, there are still so many factors that can hamper your creativity.


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If you’re a graphic artist specializing in logo design in Melbourne firms today, you should know that there are certain factors that can affect your vision on how a logo design should be for a particular brand. If you’re a novice in this task, listed below are the common mistakes logo designers make when creating a brand logo for a client:


1. It is important to have a sensible use of colors when designing a logo for a brand. Logo designers today have this certain misconception that only white space should be considered as color in a brand logo to maintain its flexibility. To affect the feelings and emotions or possible customers in one glimpse, a brand logo should have the right colors that will invoke the right emotions. For example, if you’re designing a brand logo for a fast food chain, you can use colors that invoke feelings of hunger like red, orange, and yellow in the design.


2. The brand’s target demographic of customers should also be sensitive to color usage. For example, if the target market is females since the brand sells cosmetics, you need to use a specific range of colors that denotes the power to affect feelings and emotions of the female audience. Other categories to watch out for when using colors is the age and cultural orientations of possible target audiences of the brand.


3. You can always work around, experiment, and come up with very creative ideas for your client’s logo, but always remember to keep it simple. A logo is there neither for exercising your creative muscles with, nor for the client to get impressed at. The goal of a logo design is to rake in more potential customers that are interested in your client’s business.


4. What can be better than those gorgeous and fancy fonts online logo design software templates make available today? A customized, hand-drawn typeface! Although there are thousands of default font styles out there, nothing will ever beat a font that is customized by an experienced designer.


5. The logo you’re designing should convey your client brand’s identity on the first look, then a deeper meaning upon a closer speculation. Smart logo designs like this make them extra memorable for the public.


6. It may be tempting to go for a polished design from any template available but never fall for the cliché that commonly is popular. Always strive for uniqueness in a logo design and never settle for predictability.

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