eDiscovery: Looking through and beneath the lines

It isn’t only about what, but also how and where.


The micro-scale summary of human communication, its manifestation through language and behavior shows itself through the little things we use everyday. From text formats, to where and from where the information is entered, to the media it goes through — the blueprints of human nature leave marks we can’t easily see, yet they can be proven useful. This makes the method of eDiscovery relevant in the age of information, wherein what’s in plain sight won’t suffice — where seeing through and beneath those lines serve a crucial piece to a puzzle, for example, in legal cases.




Serial litigations often need to rely on a wider perspective of reviewing databases. Because documentations and transaction histories are often recorded in private servers and various media, a necessity of access to these may add crucial pieces to an investigation. Most of the factors often missed are not visible to the naked eye — a deeper digital view of things is also essential.


Keep what’s yours, prove it and secure it.


Intellectual Property Theft, as an example, often falls under this set of legal cases. In the age of shameless copy-and-paste, it helps to see the footprints of such actions to be able to consider all sides of the picture in question without compromising relevance and security. Such can be dug in email histories, message logs, personal and business databases which hold plenty of weight in a case

In the litigation process, having extraneous factors wastes precious time. It aids well when data processing is not only safe, but qualitatively accurate in determining relevance.


Minimize costs, maximize data-processing efficiency


Such applies in the case of a cost-efficient process, Multi-Matter Data Re-Use. Various industries often experience a constant flow of litigation processes that demand extra cost. Imagine having to fund information searches for every instance it is needed instead of keeping it around, knowing it is likely to be looked into again.


It saves a lot more of your time and money to safely store databases that are popular picks for legal purposes. In a corporate system, and even in life in general, time is gold. It would be ideal to spend it wisely. It surely is an advantage to be one step advanced in the game.


Be ahead of the puzzle; Utilize your data before you even need to use them

A manner through which a bundle of information can be foreseen as utile to multiple cases is the CDS Early Case Assessment. Other than this, potential costs and other crucial trajectories can be analyzed before they even occur, allowing a framework to be in place before an issue even arises. Overall, eDiscovery won’t only focus on determining relevant information, its security, but also its anticipated value — providing clients cost-efficient and time-saving data processing, without any downgrade for information quality.


Get to know who you can turn to


Should you need to gather legally required information to weather through expected and unexpected litigations, it would suffice that you’d invest your trust on safe and efficient hands like CDS Legal whose website, http://cdslegal.com, will provide more answers for your eDiscovery concerns. Seeing between, through and beneath the lines would then be an investment worth more than its actual value.

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