Family Safety Precautions: 4 Brilliant Ways to Keep your Kids Away from the Fridge

With four-year-olds maneuvering toy drones through iPads, these days it feels like children are born being half adults. However, as parents, your number one priority is still to keep them safe, especially at home where the maximum number of injuries occur, even with due diligence. Further, large electronic equipment like your commercial fridges Brisbane shops sell may not be a great place for your kids to go poking their nose in. The following tips help you parent your kids to perfection, by keeping them out of the pantry or refrigerator.


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Buy Fridges with Locks


You can check locally in your area for commercial fridges Brisbane shops sell, which may have necessary locks in place near the door handle. If you are planning to store your meat in a freezer in your outdoor shed or garage, you can stop by the many commercial refrigeration sales Brisbane offers to see if they have modern fridges with magnetic locks to keep your children out of them. Some hardware stores have ‘fridge’ locks that may require some getting used to for the adults, but will keep your child from jamming their fingers in the fridge doors.


Set Boundaries


As parents no matter how much you want your child to explore and discover, it is great to have certain safety boundaries. Not only are certain food items indigestible, they may cause allergies at a young age. If you are storing certain uncooked meats in your fridge like commercial fridges Brisbane shops sell, that you may be marinating, you do not want your toddler eating it raw either. Sit with your child and have a talk about unsafe zones in your home. This may also include areas like the pantry, garage and where other heavy equipment like a newly purchased commercial refrigeration sales Sydney based or Cold Display Solutions machinery may be kept.




The following tried and tested methods for some parents may sound a little ridiculous but have safely kept their children out of the fridge. The rope is a tedious but guaranteed way to keep your young one from sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight sugar feast. Some parents have gone even a step further and placed heavy objects like a suitcase filled with books to block the door from being opened. By using elastic bands on pantry doors, kids can safely try pulling the doors without their fingers getting jammed in any cracks, yet they would not be able to reach any goodies. Some parents have also opted for padlocks around their fridge doors. Although these measures may sound a bit extreme, you do not want your child poking their nose in the fridge while you are asleep.


Buy Another Fridge


This can honestly be your last resort. With a range of commercial refrigeration sales Melbourne area has if your child has bypassed all your methods of keeping them away from your refrigerator, buy the young one their own personal mini fridge. You can stock it up with healthy goodies like carrot sticks and things your child is not allergic to. If they have their own personal food stash, they may not go after yours.


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