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UD trucks is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing all kinds of diesel engined trucks and buses. There has been a number of changes in ownership over the years and now it is part of the Volvo Group. It has built up a strong reputation in both North America and the Asia Pacific Region for innovation, quality, and reliability. The core Japanese “attention to detail” has been maintained. UD still produces and will continue to produce the best Japanese truck in the market.

best japanese truck

Trucks on Offer


Therefore, what are the best Japanese trucks on offer? There is a large range of trucks to be considered. There are three main models which can cater for a whole range of different needs; two heavy duty range trucks, the Quester and Quon and the medium duty range Condor.



There are seven different variations of this heavy duty truck that can be obtained. In spite of being classified as a heavy-duty range truck, this vehicle is designed to be quick and agile. It can transport food and beverages, along with waste disposal, and can also be used as a general municipal utility vehicle. This is combined with excellent fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability. A versatile truck that is dependable and highly cost effective,



This heavy duty range truck can certainly be considered as one of the best Japanese trucks available today. There are 9 different models available. These trucks are essential for moving goods, products and items, across a state borders and even further. There would be no worries what so ever with these vehicles if they have to travel kilometer after kilometer in the Australian interior. Constant improvements, innovations, and refinements have meant there has been even more progress with the payload capacity, engine efficiency and safety.



This can be considered a maximum medium duty truck. This is a real workhorse. Very much a city truck. This comes in three different variations. This is a very good truck for a company delivering and supplying products, and items in an urban setting. There are demands on the engine. There will be constant stopping and starting. The engine could be left idling for long periods. But the truck would be expected to respond and move quickly when needed. Electronic systems have been incorporated into the engine in order to improve overall power and torque. The exhaust has a selective catalytic reduction system which helps reduce harmful admissions.

Advanced Systems.


Another feature of all these Japanese trucks is not only the level of technology that is found in each truck but also the service that can be provided by UD trucks. There is a “telematic” service which is becoming available in certain vehicles. This provides general environmental information, details on routes and maps, as well as service information.



It is important that each Japanese truck is properly maintained. UD trucks provide a comprehensive service that will keep these trucks on the road. It is not wise to leave servicing to the last minute. Problems and the resulting costs will mount up very quickly. Even with trucks of this quality there will be regular wear and tear.


Therefore, Japanese trucks Australia market offers today have a detailed website that will provide all the essential information.


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